November 17, 2020 Blogs

Access to Everything: The Superior Infrastructure of NE Tennessee

The condition of a region’s infrastructure can reveal a lot about the quality of life for those who live there. In Northeast Tennessee, we’re equipped with superior logistics and transportation infrastructure. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranks us #8 in transportation infrastructure for the nation.

It’s no wonder why companies are drawn here — whether importing, exporting, or distributing domestically, everything is in place to ensure your supply chain operates efficiently. Companies that call Northeast Tennessee home benefit from close proximity to two major interstates, I-81 and I-26, as well as a host of unparalleled highway networks. Not only are these roads well connected, they’re easy to travel. Tennessee ranks as the second best state for motorists, according to WalletHub’s analysis of the cost, safety and ease of travel on U.S. roads. WalletHub’s found that Tennessee has cheaper fuel and maintenance costs than most states, better than average roads, and less congestion.

Tennessee’s roads and highways are integral to our state’s economy. According to TRIP, our transportation infrastructure allows Tennessee motorists to travel 81.3 billion miles annually and move a significant portion of the $700.6 billion worth of commodities shipped to and from the state each year. With continued investments in infrastructure over time, we expect to see a boost to our economy through job growth, improving access and safety, and repairing roads and bridges.

Aerospace Park is strategically positioned with access to the superior infrastructure Northeast Tennessee has to offer. The site is situated at Tri-Cities Airport (TRI), a full-service commercial airport serving Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Western North Carolina and Eastern Kentucky. The property’s strategic position, halfway between the major East Coast population centers of Miami and New York City, is central to many vibrant communities and businesses.

Businesses located at Aerospace Park also benefit from access to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port No. 2027, a fully functional port located at TRI. The port services all modes of transportation, including air, truck, and rail. Shipments are inspected and cleared by U.S. Customs officers, who offer superior customer service to those who clear their goods locally and will even perform inspections at the importer’s facility. The port is also responsible for Foreign Trade Zone oversight and enforcement.

For information on how your company can enjoy the strategic position of Aerospace Park, contact us today.