The purpose of this privacy policy statement is to let you know that the Tri-Cities Airport Authority (“TCAA”), owner of TRI Aerospace Park, may use certain personally identifiable information that it collects from persons who choose to use its website, “”:

  1. Collecting/Keeping/Tracking IP Addresses, etc.: Currently, information obtained from users of may be maintained, tracked and/or stored by “google analytics”, to generate an analytic profile of the site.
  2. Cookies: When TCAA runs a digital advertising campaign, it is possible TCAA will install a “retargeting pixel,” which could be labeled a “cookie.”  When a user visits the TCAA website, the retargeting pixel is activated in the user’s browser and advertisements may “retarget” the user when the user leaves
  3. Contacting When users of submit contact forms, which allow TCAA to respond to questions or concerns, some information may be stored to allow TCAA to respond.
  4. Other Disclosures: Some information collected by TCAA may be subject to disclosure under the Tennessee Public Records Act, T.C.A. § 10-7-503, et. seq.  In addition, TCAA could be required by court order or subpoena to disclose users’ personal information, if same has been stored.  To the extent that users link third party websites via, TCAA is not responsible for the content or information collection practices of those sites.
  5. Waiver of Claims: Users of agree that no claim, claim for relief, or cause of action will arise against TCAA or TRI Aerospace Park as a result of their use of said website.

Should you have any further questions concerning privacy issues, please contact Mark Canty at